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Jaks View from Vancouver

Thursday, August 29, 2002

I'm Back!

I am impressed that this site received 800 hits while I was away: I am sorry there was so little to read! I need a day or two to get re-organized, but then we'll be back -- better than ever!

Thanks to all who came by.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Palestine Daily Log

I have had no chance to analyze any political moves over the past seven or eight days. However, I have tried to piece together the continuing toll of deaths on both sides of the conflict.

On 30th July, 2 Israeli civilians were killed by a Palestinian during an attack on the occupation-settlement of Jamae'in; a Palestinian suicide bomber killed himself in Jerusalem; a Palestinian militant was killed during a knife attack on the occupation settlement of Itmar. On the 31st July, Palestinian terrorists killed 7 civilians at the hebrew University in Jerusalem. On 1st August, an Israeli civilian was killed, apparently by Palestinians, in the Gerushi industrial zone. On 4th August, a Palestinian militant attacked a bus filled mainly with Israeli soldiers at the Meron Junction. 9 Israelis and the Palestinian were killed. Near Jerusalem's Damascus Gate, a Palestinian killer killed an Israeli technician before being shot dead himself in a gun battle that also cost the life of a Palestinian by-stander. On 5th August, a Palestinian bomber killed himself with a premature explosion near Umm al-Fahm. On August 7th, IOF killers assasinated a Palestinian militant at Khan Yunis; 4 other Palestinian militants were killed in an Israeli assault on Tul Karm; and a Palestinian policeman was shot dead by Israeli troops invading Beit Lahiya.

That was 12 Palestinian and 20 Israeli lives thrown away in the last week.

From the beginning of the renewed Intifada on 29th September, 2000, until now (6:30pm PDT August 8th, 2002), the total number of Palestinians killed is 1,624. In the same period, 582 Israelis were killed. This year so far, 713 Palestinians and 333 Israelis have been killed.

Nakusp, August 2002
The beach at Nakusp this week.

Back Briefly!

Hi y'all! I am back for a few days (probably until next Wednesday) and will try to catch up as best I can.

Nakusp is still a most wondrous place to be; however, the local Internet Cafe didn't make it over the winter, leaving us with only the local library for contact. As the library has only one machine, is open only two hours per day (some days) and computer time needs to be booked in advance (by the half-hour), combined with the fact that this weekend was a long holiday weekend keeping the library closed, I didn't get to any computer since I left here a week ago. It has been both a joy and a frustration!